Anxiety attacks are all-consuming. They start by negative thoughts taking precedence and rendering the mind helpless to their attack. The only way to free yourself is to battle against the tide with positive affirmations and thoughts generated from cognitive-behavioural therapy (CBT). In order for us to engage with our brain in this battle, we become enveloped in the fantasies in our heads. We lose touch with the physical world around us and our face becomes a mask to those around us, an expression of what we appear to be rather than how we feel. 

Fairy tales depict these struggles of anxiety in an illuminative light. They provide a way for me to tell the story of an anxiety attack in a visual way that we can all understand. For instance, fairy tales are ingrained in our culture. The more we understand them, the more we identify with the characters and their supposed fiction, just as those did who came before us and told earlier versions of these stories. 

Hence, 'The Wolf Prince' was created. The full book is provided below and each page spread as an image below this.